Me And My Shadow

You call me your shadow. Well if this is so,
It's only because I hide what you know.
You go through your life and pay me no mind,
Until there’s a need for your bearings to find.

We work as one though I’m me and you’re you,
But you never mention the things that I do.
With just the right lighting I can lead your way,
To just what it was that really happened that day.

Remember this though while we both have a look
That it was for safety, when off we both took.
You just stay long past when the light is all gone
And as you know that’s when it goes wrong.

Remember too all your sightings of me
Are due to the light shown on you to see.
I am neither evil nor wicked of mind
When you look at me it’s you that you find

~by Leathermenace

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